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One of the reasons for this was due to the incident with Greece. Mussolini was pleased to have Hitler as an ally because Germany was a strong country, which gave Mussolini more potential for a profound Foreign Policy. This war was therefore fueled by external forces with little participation of internal forces.

Modern weaponry including poison gas, aircraft and tanks, ensured victory over the poorly equipped Ethiopians. Mussolini ensured that all political parties were dissolved. The two dictators all had a similar script to help them rule over the people Flood The war had proved helpful for the prime minister.

After such humiliating years Mussolini strongly promoted the idea of getting what Italy deserved though his foreign policy. Mussolini did not foresee his downfall with his over ambitious aims in War.

He was determined to take revenge for the humiliating defeat at Adowa in Mussolini later invaded Albania, as he thought he should grab something before Hitler did.

Mussolini hoped that this war to transform Italy into a fighting nation and radicalise the fascist party. This was mostly accomplished through wars. The two had cooperated in many things and continued to do so. This shows how closely the two leaders influenced the behavior of one other. His popularity was a key issue, as it would help gain the loyalty of his people and confidence of his allies.

Italy subsequently signed a pact with Austria and Hungary in strengthening the military defences, which gave them security against Germany. This worried the rest of Europe and any relations between Italy and the rest of Europe was seriously strained, despite it being quite beneficial for Italian foreign policy.

He rushed to Locarno to set his seal on the treaty agreeing to the Franco-German border. He loaned Franco money and arms for the war and when he tried to collect on the loans Franco refused and Mussolini was left with nothing.

For a while relations became distinctly icy between the two fascist powers when Germany annexed Austria.

How Effective was Mussolini’s Foreign Policy From 1922- 1945 Essay Sample

However with this as his main objective, the status of his Foreign Policy was in jeopardy. His relationship with Hitler proved to be costly, as he did not have much choice about Foreign Policy, loosing his popularity that was of utmost importance to him.

Running about biting everybody was how the South African leader, Smuts, described him at the end of More essays like this: While he told foreigners that his policy was one of peace a co-operation, at the same time he told Italians that his aim was national grandeur.

In the early stages of the Foreign Policy, the Italian people were happy and Mussolini was seen as a great statesman. When Mussolini linked with Franco to fight against the socialist government in Spain, tensions increased. Yet it did prove that Mussolini could use the traditional methods of diplomacy when it was necessary.

Mussolini feared Germanys rise, as the union between Germany and Austria was a threat to the boarders of Italy. He hoped to reduce the balance in trade deficit and make Italy less dependent on imports during wartime. It also helped stability at home as people could be proud of their fighting nation.

At the same time, this battle brought more confrontation between the divided Italy because most new land reclaimed was in the North, which made the Southern people very unhappy but could not show this through strikes as it was forbidden to do so.

Mussolini believed that forming an alliance with Britain and France would persuade them to hand over the Mediterranean to Italy:Mussolini’s Foreign Policy Essay Sample. Such was Mussolini’s belief in the importance of foreign policy that apart form a brief period from to he acted as his own Foreign Minister and thereafter retained control his son-in-law Count Galeazzo Ciano.

Mussolini's foreign policy included a number of positive and negative factors which all contributed to the rise, and the ultimately to the downfall, of both Mussolini and the Italian empire. Mussolini was intent on revising the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles and was very keen to show off Italy's power.

What were Mussolini’s foreign policy aims between 1922 and 1939?

A study of the foreign policy of both dictators therefore highlights at least as many contrasts as comparisons. To read this article in full you need to be either a print + archive subscriber, or else have purchased access to the online archive.

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Mussolini’s Foreign Policy Essay Sample. Such was Mussolini’s belief in the importance of foreign policy that apart form a brief period from to he acted as his own Foreign Minister and thereafter retained control his son-in-law Count Galeazzo Ciano. Canadian Foreign Policy Essay Words | 12 Pages.

Canadian Foreign Policy Introduction As the 20th century comes to an end, Canada is a transcontinental nation whose interests and representatives span the face of the globe and extend into every sphere of human behaviour.

Mussolinis foreign policy essay
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